Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Welcome to Berserker Chris!

This is a blog dedicated to Chris Redfield. Over the past few years, I really have gotten to where I don't care as much about RE characters near a much as Chris, so... why not make a blog exclusive to him! I'll cover info exclusive to him in all RE games. The info will primarily be for Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries for the moment, but this blog will be for posting up info about Chris in all current and upcoming Resident Evil games. I might even go back and dig up info for older RE titles.

This blog will NOT be just for posting up info about Chris in Resident Evil 5: The Mercenaries. I do have other variety with Chris besides that one mini game.

My first goal will be to post up info about Chris from my Chris Redfield RE5 Mercs guide on GameFAQs and add info to that. I want to have a list of RE5 Chris players (that I respect) and some other info for all Chris fans to enjoy.